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Show Me the Magic!

We have scoured the world of science and magic tricks to bring you some of the most engaging and educational tricks that are currently available; Some of them have been invented by us, and some of them are timeless classics; I hope you enjoy watching them!

Although the videos show a younger audience, the show is suitable for children of all ages. It is tailored to the audience’s age group.

See videos of individual trick below:


“Show Me the Magic!” Intro

Red Laser Trick

Number Cruncher Trick

Houdini Trick

Chewing Gum Trick

Egg Trick

Fan/Tissue Trick

Rope & Bottle Trick

Frozen Rope Trick

Magic Change Bag Trick

Coloring Book Trick

Nocturnal Creatures and Constellations

2012 Library Themed Show!

Take your children on a nocturnal journey this Summer!

Night Creatures and Constellations will transport your audience via celestial navigation to our planet’s most famous night creatures.

The show includes a story about an isolated young stargazer’s relationship with an owl whose dream is to meet the other night creatures of the World.

Together they visit nocturnal creatures in: Australia, Amazon Rainforest, Africa, & China. Each place they visit, an audience volunteer representing the local culture, introduces them to their native night creature.

By the end of the trip, the Owl has fulfilled his mission and the boy has learned how to both be a friend to the owl, and how to ask others for help. (25 minutes)

The audience volunteers will be given exotic percussion instruments from these four cultures with which they can “jam” with the audience. (10 minutes)

The program ends with a 7 minute film documenting the diverse constellations located over each continent, as well as the animals themselves. (7 minutes)

  • Program length: 45 minutes
  • Maximum Audience Size: 100
  • Appropriate for all ages

Summer Olympics/ Sports Show

We introduce the London Summer Olympics, and discuss some of the olympic events  most popular with the audience.

We tell a story:

A boy needs to find “four sports-stars that are completely different but exactly the same” He travels to Mexico, China, Africa, & America, where he finds Olympic athletes involved respectively in Soccer, Diving, Long distance running, & Baseball. He sees how each culture has many differences in their food, language, clothing, and even in the games they play.He learns that even they are different, they all maintain their health through good diet and proper exercise. Plus he learns “that they are all human beings.” Volunteers from the audience are used throughout the show. The story is followed by a film of Olympic sports through the years demonstrating a huge variety of different sporting events.

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Pyramids, Pharaohs, and Ancient Egypt (2 parts available)

A  family that lives in Alexandria, Egypt suffers with a dog that buries everything in the yard.  One day the family is leaving on vacation, but can’t find the car keys.  They begin looking into the holes that the dog has dug in the yard.  Volunteers from the audience will play the children of the family, each discovering something new in each hole.

As they look deeper, they begin to discover historical artifacts from all over Ancient Egypt.  Students will learn about the Pharoahs, the Pyramids, Cleopatra, Egyptian numerals, Egyptian foods and food preparation, as well as information about the desert and the Nile River habitat.  A film will be included to support the topic.

We will also show the children how to find out what their names would look like in hieroglyphics

New Show added

Egypt, Part Two: While shopping for his family, a boy travels through time and winds up buying gifts in Ancient Egypt.  While there, the family dog escapes in the store.  A group of volunteers representing the family,  return through the time machine with their newly received holiday presents to find the dog.  Once there, they exchange their new gifts for Egyptian clothing and artifacts in order to appear less conspicuous in Ancient Egypt.  Some of the gifts that will be demonstrated for the audience include the clothing of King Tut and Cleopatra; Egyptian musical instruments; a Cat Icon, replicas of the sphinx and the pyramid, the Eye of Horace, and the wrappings for a mummy.

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Tales of the Old West (2 parts available)

A  boy travels the Oregon Trail with his carrot-munching dog in search of coyotes.   The dog runs off ahead and the boy meets a variety of Western pioneers (these will be played by volunteers from the audience)  They will depict a gold prospector, a Native American, a fur hunter, and a pioneer farmer.  In each encounter, the boy learns about the life style, foods, skills, and clothing of the people he meets.
Finally he hears his dog in the distance among the call of coyotes.  When he reaches him, he finds that his dog has joined up with a pack of coyotes.  He lures his dog away with a carrot.
The program ends with a film about the settlers and culture of our Old West.  I will include footage from my yearly trips to Durango, Colorado.

Tales from the Old West (part 2)

A family that is uprooted by a tornado in the 1800’s takes to the trail in a covered wagon to claim farmland in the unsettled wild west.  Amidst there fears of starvation and ruin, they meet a variety of western settlers that help them out in exchange for their labors: a farmer gives them food and seedlings, a gold prospector teaches them how to pan for gold, a cowboy rewards them with a milk cow, and an Indian gives them a rug for their new home in exchange for saving a young  brave.  The family cat, missing since the tornado, turns up later in the wagon amidst a pile of mouse-tails. There is extensive use of volunteers, costumes, and remote sound effects.

The story is followed by a film the Old West.

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Hands-On Science (2 parts available)

Yuck, corn-starch, borax, and glue mixtures will be prepared in solutions and then presented to your campers.  Students will have a chance to dip their hands to experience the unusual sensations: their hands will be  frozen into the mixture or their hands will experience a quicksand-like pull.  The tricks will be interspersed with science demonstrations and magic acts.  This will be followed by a science film featuring special effects and simple physics principles.

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Exploring the Solar System

Take a journey around the Known Universe as we try to locate the lost Television Remote before Mom’s show comes on!!

We will visit the Moon, Mars, & the Space Station, where we learn about meteor showers, alien slime, craters, and enjoy the relaxation of a gravity-free state!  There is extensive use of costumes and audience volunteers.

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Project Rainforest!

Take a dip into the wettest spot on Earth!
This show will take your children on a sensory Trip through through the Rainforest including the creation of a tropical storm,  and a visit to the riverside Native Tribe, the Cho-co Indians of the Panamamian forests.

We feature a lesson in imitating the call of a toucan, and a close-up look of the eating habits of a boa constrictor.
The show includes an 8 minute film, and a singalong “rap” song called the Rainforest Rap.

This program is based on our director Bruce Segal’s eight trips to the Central American Rainforests.



“a perfect mix of education and fun”
Sarah Stroup
Principal, Palmerton Elementary
Palmerton, PA

Animal Antics (2 parts available)

This program is a skit about a boy who is required by a Genie to learn about animals that have become endangered.  He travels to many habitats, and at each stop, he meets a volunteer from the audience dressed up as an endangered species.  He learns how the animal has become endangered and things he can do to protect the animal and its habitat. The skit involves puppets and costumes.  This is followed by film footage of exotic animals from my 8 trips to Tropical Rainforests and many other habitats. (more about these shows at» ).

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Celebrate Diversity Around the World

This Cultural Diversity program is also available  throughout the country this Summer for ages 2 1/2 through 12.

This is a show that I did for over 300 daycare centers in the Summer of 2009.  It is a show on Cultural Diversity in which a boy has to “find 4 children that are completely different but exactly the same.” The focus is on European, Asian, African, Latino, & Native American. The children are played by audience members. There is extensive use of percussion instruments and film.  All of our shows are appropriate for children ages 2 1/2 through 12.

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Video excerpt

Multicultural Holiday Show

Lets celebrate our Diverse December Holidays!

Here in America, each year our varied population celebrates the following holidays:

  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa
  • Ramadan
  • Diwali

In this program, we tell a story about a boy who has to learn the deeper meaning of the Holidays.  Using 7 volunteers from the audience, he travels to 5 different countries.  He sees how the Holidays are all similar in their use of music, food, lights, gift-giving, & family reunions.  Our emphasis is to make sure that the children gain a clear understanding of WHY, HOW, WHERE, AND BY WHOM each Holiday is celebrated.

We use video clips to represent all of these Holidays being celebrated.