Endangered Species of The World

On Planet Earth! One Species Disappears Every 20 Minutes…
Find out how we can help save them.

Throughout all of millennium, the plants and animals of Planet Earth have been driven to extinction NATURALLY, as a result of earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors and other causes. These natural extinctions occur at a rate of one species each one hundred years. However, in the age of the HUMAN BEING, species now become extinct at a rate of one, every twenty minutes. Take a field trip to the rainforest without leaving a classroom

Human activities such as LOGGING, FARMING, DEVELOPMENT, and the PET TRADE have threatened the Planet’ s species in an unprecedented way.

In our program on ENDANGERED SPECIES we examine the major HABITATS of the world including the Desert, Wetlands, Oceans, Rainforest, Tundra, and Temperate Forest. Through the use of large screen images, students observe the species that live in each habitat, the causes of endangerment in each area, and the species that have become threatened. During the course of this program, the student is exposed to the concepts of FOOD CHAIN, ADAPTATION, SPECIES, ECO-SYSTEM, and BIODIVERSITY.

For grades K-3, we tell a story about a boy who is required to learn why animals become endangered after leaving his dog out in the heat of the Summer; he travels through 4 habitats and meets student volunteers dressed up as 4 endangered animals: a frog, an elephant, a dolphin, and a crocodile. He learns how they became endangered and things he can do to protect their habitats and the animals themselves.


“Bruce Segal’s Endangered Species program has been a real success with both teachers and students. By focusing on the loss of natural habitat, the students seem to better understand this environmental problem. He is coming back for his fourth year.”
-Bill Carpenter, Science Teacher, Southampton Middle School, Bel Air, Maryland

“We were really happy with this program. Mr. Segal’ s extensive interaction with the students was very effective.”
-Teresa Walsh, Parent, Oley Valley Middle School, Oley Valley, PA


Using 7 student volunteers, we extend a 50 foot rope-banner across the room depicting the five billion year History of the Planets’ Species including individual species evolution and major geological events. This is accompanied by an audio soundtrack.

A 15 minute video is projected onto a large screen, depicting the major habitats of Planet Earth, the causes of extinction in each habitat, and the species that are affected.

CLASSROOM MATERIALS: An overview of the program will be provided for the teachers prior to the assembly including classroom activities.