Multicultural Mosaic

Take your campers on a trip around the World!!

The Multicultural Mosaic Show is designed to make your children more aware of different cultural groups around the world… the many differences that exist between them….and the basic humanity that unites us all.

The Multicultural Mosaict Show tells a story in which a young boy needs to “Find 5 People that are completely different but exactly the same!”

Multicultural Mosaic

Volunteers from the audience are used to depict 5 major cultures: African, Asian, European, Latino, & Native.

The volunteers demonstrate cultural aspects from each of the 5 regions: clothing, food, art, language, celebrations and music.

We discuss the differences between cultures, then the audience is asked to solve the riddle: “What makes the volunteers exactly the same?” (answer: they are all human beings)
IN CLOSING, the volunteers are dressed in native costumes and demonstrate percussion instruments, while the audience joins in with the rhythms.

Childrens’ attention is held by the constant interaction with the facilitator, the extensive use of music, and familiar props (i.e. Giant Taco, Huge piece of Sushi)

“He held the attention of our 3 & 4 year old campers for 45 minutes. I consider that to be a real accomplishment.”
Danelle White Phoenixville, PA

The 45 minute program is appropriate for ages 2 1/2 thru school age. We will need a table, 5 chairs and an electric outlet.

FEES: $275/ 1 show & $375/ 2 shows
NO TRAVEL FEES (except for Philadelphia area)

We will be performing this show all over the United States this Summer. Please call for a date!!

To book a program, please call Bruce Segal @ Mind Your Planet: 800-423-8144 or send an email through this website!