If you have received an email or postcard from us, then your center is in an area that we will be serving this Summer. We will be available to perform any of our shows from June through August.

Welcome to the our website - I am glad you are here, and hope you come back often. Feel free to surf around and read more about the programs that we offer. There are many things about us that you probably will find interesting. Read more about us

Great Big Planet is an arm of Mind Your Planet, an educational organization designed to provide large-scale educational assembly programs on environmental, cultural diversity, and anti-bullying topics. Mind Your Planet is owned and operated by Bruce Segal and has been doing programs since 1991.

Great Big Planet has been created to provide programs for a different audience niche:

  • Summer programs for daycare centers, libraries, pre-schools, and daycamps
  • Our programs are available for all centers, and they are appropriate for ages 2 1/2 through 12.
  • Last summer we performed in over 500 centers around the country.


Egypt and the Pharoahs, Tales from the Old West, Hands-On Science and Animal Antics will now have two versions: the original and part two.

The centers that had Bruce do a particular theme last year will be able to have him back to do the same theme, but have it be a show that your kids haven't already seen.

Childcare, After School Care, Summer Camp Programs

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Show Me the Magic!

We have scoured the world of science and magic tricks to bring you some of the most engaging and educational tricks that are currently available; Some... read more


Nocturnal Creatures and Constellations

2012 Library Themed Show! Take your children on a nocturnal journey this Summer! Night Creatures and Constellations will transport your audience via... read more


Summer Olympics/ Sports Show

We introduce the London Summer Olympics, and discuss some of the olympic events  most popular with the audience. We tell a story: A boy needs to find... read more


Pyramids, Pharaohs, and Ancient Egypt (2 parts available)

A  family that lives in Alexandria, Egypt suffers with a dog that buries everything in the yard.  One day the family is leaving on vacation, but can’t... read more


Tales of the Old West (2 parts available)

A  boy travels the Oregon Trail with his carrot-munching dog in search of coyotes.   The dog runs off ahead and the boy meets a variety of Western pioneers... read more


Hands-On Science (2 parts available)

Yuck, corn-starch, borax, and glue mixtures will be prepared in solutions and then presented to your campers.  Students will have a chance to dip their... read more


Exploring the Solar System

Take a journey around the Known Universe as we try to locate the lost Television Remote before Mom’s show comes on!! We will visit the Moon, Mars,... read more


Project Rainforest!

Take a dip into the wettest spot on Earth! This show will take your children on a sensory Trip through through the Rainforest including the creation of... read more


Animal Antics (2 parts available)

This program is a skit about a boy who is required by a Genie to learn about animals that have become endangered.  He travels to many habitats, and at... read more


Celebrate Diversity Around the World

This Cultural Diversity program is also available  throughout the country this Summer for ages 2 1/2 through 12. This is a show that I did for over 300... read more


Multicultural Holiday Show

Lets celebrate our Diverse December Holidays! Here in America, each year our varied population celebrates the following holidays: Christmas ... read more

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