Nocturnal Creatures and Constellations

2012 Library Themed Show!

Take your children on a nocturnal journey this Summer!

Night Creatures and Constellations will transport your audience via celestial navigation to our planet’s most famous night creatures.

The show includes a story about an isolated young stargazer’s relationship with an owl whose dream is to meet the other night creatures of the World.

Together they visit nocturnal creatures in: Australia, Amazon Rainforest, Africa, & China. Each place they visit, an audience volunteer representing the local culture, introduces them to their native night creature.

By the end of the trip, the Owl has fulfilled his mission and the boy has learned how to both be a friend to the owl, and how to ask others for help. (25 minutes)

The audience volunteers will be given exotic percussion instruments from these four cultures with which they can “jam” with the audience. (10 minutes)

The program ends with a 7 minute film documenting the diverse constellations located over each continent, as well as the animals themselves. (7 minutes)

  • Program length: 45 minutes
  • Maximum Audience Size: 100
  • Appropriate for all ages