Pyramids, Pharaohs, and Ancient Egypt (2 parts available)

A  family that lives in Alexandria, Egypt suffers with a dog that buries everything in the yard.  One day the family is leaving on vacation, but can’t find the car keys.  They begin looking into the holes that the dog has dug in the yard.  Volunteers from the audience will play the children of the family, each discovering something new in each hole.

As they look deeper, they begin to discover historical artifacts from all over Ancient Egypt.  Students will learn about the Pharoahs, the Pyramids, Cleopatra, Egyptian numerals, Egyptian foods and food preparation, as well as information about the desert and the Nile River habitat.  A film will be included to support the topic.

We will also show the children how to find out what their names would look like in hieroglyphics

New Show added

Egypt, Part Two: While shopping for his family, a boy travels through time and winds up buying gifts in Ancient Egypt.  While there, the family dog escapes in the store.  A group of volunteers representing the family,  return through the time machine with their newly received holiday presents to find the dog.  Once there, they exchange their new gifts for Egyptian clothing and artifacts in order to appear less conspicuous in Ancient Egypt.  Some of the gifts that will be demonstrated for the audience include the clothing of King Tut and Cleopatra; Egyptian musical instruments; a Cat Icon, replicas of the sphinx and the pyramid, the Eye of Horace, and the wrappings for a mummy.

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