Project Rainforest

Rainforest Presentation


Through our stunning visuals and lively presentation, we can bring the dazzling beauty – and devastating loss – of the world’s rainforests to life. Depending on your group’s needs, we can adjust the length of our presentation from 45 minutes to a full day. And we can tailor it to the size of your group – whether it’s one grade or an entire school assembly – and to your group’s educational level, from pre-school through graduate school.

Take a field trip to the rainforest without leaving a classroom

After seeing the Project Rainforest presentation, you will be able to:

  • Describe the natural ecosystem of a rainforest, including its plants, insects, animals, and people.
  • Appreciate the beauty and diversity of life in the rainforests.
  • Identify everyday products that come from the rainforest.
  • Discuss the relationship of rainforests to climate control and global warming.
  • Identify ways to use rainforest products without destroying the habitat.
  • Take steps to save the rainforests through personal and political action.


“…a perfect mix of information and fun”
-Sarah Stroup, Principal, SS Palmer Elemantary, Palmerton, PA

“Mr Segal’s ability to communicate is exceptional. The information was concise, the delivery was entertaining…this was easily the best show we’ve had this year.”
-Fran Manbeck, Principal, Pittman Elemantary, Pittman, NJ


We establish the importance of tropical rainforests in the areas of medicines, climate control, products, and endangered species. We use large color paintings of animals.

We take the students on a “trip through the rainforest” via a group simulation of the sound of a tropical storm. We play tape recordings of animals we taped in Central America and then teach the students how to make the animal calls.

We show a seven minute film of wildlife in Central America including images of mammals, insects, & reptiles, and loggers clearcutting forested areas.

Using student volunteers, we demonstrate large props that represent products from the tropics: Chiclets, chocolate, tea, & rubber. Together with the audience, we discuss how these products are harvested from the Rainforest.

We demonstrate ways that Tropical Rainforests are being saved through a school children’s project we support in Costa Rica. Information is provided about how your school can support the project and communicate with these children.

CLASSROOM MATERIALS: An overview of the program will be provided for the teachers prior to the assembly including classroom activities.